Shakespeare's Plays

Answer these questions to the best of your ability.

1.  What are the kinds of plays Shakespeare wrote?  List one play for each kind.
2.  What type of verse did he use?
3.  What were the different versions of Shakespeare's plays?
4.  Why do people argue about how many plays Shakespeare wrote?
5.  What makes a tragedy a tragedy?
6.  What seems to be the underlying theme in tragedies?
7.  How is a comedy different from a tragedy?  How are they similar?
8.  Are Shakespeare's comedies funny?
9.  How are the romances different from other comedies?
10.  Write a definition for each literary device:
a)  simile -
b) metaphor -
c)  alliteration -
d) assonance -
e)  hyperbole -
f)  forshadowing -